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 The only self calibrating early engine knock detection warning light on the market


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Engine Knock Light, Self Calibrating Detonation Detection

A detonation detection light that actually work the way it is intended to do. Knock light is an invaluable tool for monitoring engine knock and asure your engine's health, simple to use, simple to setup. Your knock light will warn you of engine detonation long before it becomes audible and pays for itself the first time it detects detonation

For only $235.00, can you really afford to be without a Knock Light? 


knock light : detonation detection  

Knock light will flash

Housed in a black anodized aluminum enclosure, small in size and providing sleek looks along with high durability... miles ahead of anything ells. The knock light will flash with a high intensity red light when activated due to engine detonation or engine knock.

Your knock light can be used as a temporary diagnostic tool or installed permanently, either way, the knock light can help prevent costly engine failure by early detecting engine detonation. 


Link's G4 knock light is the only engine detonation warning device on the market that requires  no setup  Other engine detonation detection systems require time consuming gain, frequency and noise settings to be adjusted. Without proper engine detonation listening tools, this can prove difficult if not impossible. Our knock light requires none of this just wire in and start the engine. The knock light will show you the beginning of engine detonation long before you hear it. 

Even light detonation has the potential to damage an engine over time. The microprocessor inside of your knock light continuously scans the knock signal and warns with a bright red light at the onset of engine detonation. Sometimes even before the OEM ECU has detected detonation. The engine's RPM and load is automatically 3D profiled by the knock light’s digital brain, continuously storing and dynamically adjusting this noise profile map while looking for the particular knock and engine detonation frequencies. 

Self-calibrating knock light 

The Link knock light is a self-calibrating detonation warning instrument and the only of its kind on the market. Connect the knock light to your existing knock sensor or preferably, add an additional knock sensor

Most OEM engine management system will warn that there might be something wrong with the engine by lighting up the engine light  but it will not tell you that it is engine detonation. You still will need a code reader to figure out why the engine light came on. The knock light warns you at the onset of engine detonation.

With the addition of a Bosch knock sensor the knock light makes detonation detection on older carbureted engines a breeze. No electronics just mount the knock sensor to the side of the engine, attaché the knock light and there you have detonation detection.

Knock detection warning

Your knock detection light will warn you of engine detonation long before it becomes audible, giving you enough time to get off the accelerator pedal, thus help you avoid very costly engine repairs. To make your knock sensor light perform even beter you can install an aditional knock sensor.

Knock Light Installation Instructions

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